GT5 for £40? Blasphemy. It should be £12,840

This morning I awoke to an article surrounding the release of "Ferrari Virtual Academy 2010". I was quite looking forward to this game, mostly because I thought it'd be F2P. Boy was I wrong. It's €14.90 ($19/£12)...

What does that buy you?

1 car. Count 'em. One. (F10)

1 track. Count 'em. One. (Fiorano)

Typo? Misinformation? No. I got that right. You get one track, and one car. Granted this is FERRARI's virtual academy... they're not exactly going to be able to get licenses for other cars but still... you'd assume for that price you'd get at least say... 10 cars?

Don't get me wrong... I understand this is an official Ferrari product and like all Ferrari products it's a commodity, and it's going after you wanting the "official" experience. It probably is a bit more sim than GT5 in ways... don't quote me on that. But still, GT5 is a sim and it offers 1000 cars and 70 track variations.

Ferrari wants £12 for 1 car and 1 track. If GT5 wanted that it'd cost roughly £12,000 ($18,512).

You get it for... £40. And don't forget they're not charging for cars or tracks but about 3 official licensed modes, GTTV, leaderboards and not only that but if you stand a chance with racing for Ferrari one day with "Virtual Academy"... don't forget GT Academy and the HUGE impact Polyphony, and GT5, have on the motor industry itself making the product just as "official"... if not more.

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  1. Wow, Fanboy much?

    2 points here, It should be pretty short and sweet.

    1) You posted the logo here yourself, the one that says "BETA", you know, as in work in progress...

    2)Talk with your wallet. Don't like the idea of paying for this, then STFU and don't. It's not as if your parents are being held hostage....