Batman Arkham City Art Analysis


The sequel to 2009 hit Batman Arkham Asylum has been named, and today it was officially unveiled. Entitled "Arkham City" the newest issue of magazine "GameInformer" shows use new artwork/promotional shots.

The cover itself shows batman, in a high concentration of light, this is a first for any artwork featuring batman. He's always been cloaked by the darkness. So the obvious point to make here is that he's no longer available to conceal himself so easily. He will have to at times reveal himself and just fight. From the title we see that it's obviously going to be open world, if not - it'll be big. That's not the most intriguing part however, as again from the official site we see an image with helicopters in the background, these aren't behind him, batman isn't looking at them, they're in front and almost look like they're unimportant. This to me suggests batman will interact with GOOD citizens from the city and they'll help him. He will maybe even have radio contact with these people and it's possible they'll be his guide through the city.

This point is furthermore justified via this background image from the official ArkhamCity site.

In it we see batman, fists-clicnched, with blood on his nose. Is it his own blood? Or the blood of his enemies? I believe it's his own. But he's here to save the city. He's not beaten down, he's not weak, he's just in a matched fight. This suggests we will see even more residents of Arkham Asylum in the game, and perhaps a new bad guy. Yes the Joker will still be the main guy -- wouldn't be the same without him. But it's possible he's got some new henchmen, and this time they'll be more than just "henchmen".

The Official Logo of the game

The logo pictured above suggests we'll be seeing real-time or HEAVY CGI elements. This logo isn't like batman at all. The font isn't clear, the bottom "ARKHAM CITY" is reminiscent of "The Dark Knight" Posters and the Joker's Blood font. Again -- suggests we'll see the Joker as the main guy, and that in this game he'll potentially defeat Batman - or get close. The batarang is inked and doesn't shine. Batman may have to be more resourceful this time around.

Unlikely to be a rivalry- Batman Arkham City to have Co-Op?

This alternate Game infroemer cover shows batman chained with catgirl. This close unity is unlike batman, suggesting the game potentially has Co-Op. The contrast of their poses suggest that catwoman would have a complete different playstyle to batman. Batman keeping his fists, flying and stealth while Catwoman forms a new gameplay style, potentially faster, challenging batman along the journey?

Be sure to leave a comment or three, and remember I don't work for Warner, RockSteady or GameInformer so all this information is purely speculation, but when it turns out to be true you won't be questioning my art analysing skills!

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