What features will be in the PSP2?

Apple lately have been dominating. Their devices are drool-worthy. Truly beautiful. They offer the best of both worlds : designer goods - Stainless steel, glass surface, slim design, smooth touch sensitive controls, and genuine productivity.

Apple's huge success lies within the amount of stuff these devices can do.

You can get an iPod Touch - admitedly 8GB, for about £100. Probably less if you shop around. This gives you :
  • full games at the cheapest price (MOST is generally £5.99 (or $10)) not to mention FREE games,
  • internet connectivity : Safari Web Browser is miles ahead of the PSPs and even the PS3s (although it doesn't support flash it has alternatives).
  • official mail application, using push notification
  • Social media websites (twitter, facebook, etc)
  • Maps!
  • Still an iPod! So it's supremely good for actual music!
  • Plays MP4s and other formats
  • BlueTooth 
  • Accelerometer (Gyroscope with iPhone)

In terms of looks, this is PROBABLY pretty close.

So... The PSP2... What does it need to compete with this?

Well, my predictions are :

  • 3D-enabled : Stereoscopic? Potentially. As the device is a 1:1 experience i.e. User and device, and the fact you won't be showing the 3D as a TV screen it can have the full 3D movie experience. It'll probably have some sort of special screen with the glasses film applied directly, or some other unique way of showing it. Don't forget Sony are pioneering 3D and pushing it more than even Nintendo with it's glasses-less experience.
  • A better browser : Google Chrome? Possibly. It could even have Opera Mini or ... dare I say a fully fledged browser? A sony propietary one... or Firefox?! I'd say it's possible, with FULL, RICH flash pages.
  • It'll have non-gaming apps. Calc, Maps, Calander, Mail, etc. It's NEEDED. If Apple can do it for £100 or less, Sony can. 
  • PSN, PSN+. To push + it's highly likely the full PSN service will be there : friends list, online, trophies,
  • A highly powerful GPU : Nvidia Tegra 2? Tegra 3?! Sony apparently have been having issues with battery and heating with the Tegra 2 so... Just like the RSX and Cell... it could have a genuinely unique component for PSP2 ONLY.
  • Dual-Analogue sticks, Motion Control (more than an accellerometer?)
  • PSP backwards compatible, PS2 backwards compatible (Sony will release PS2 games in 2011 officially, with both HD remakes and plain non-trophy, non-HD supported games)
  • 2011 Leak I'm guessing. Mid March we see factory floor components and then E3 it'll be unveiled for a Christmas release. Don't plan on seeing it at TGS this year because Sony won't be showing tech demos when it's unveiled. It'll be close to completion by it's true release.
  • Digital only? UMDs again? New disc format? Cloud-based (like OnLive? although I doubt that)? My money's on purely digital : 120GB in a non-digital form. It'd need to be that high of capacity to play PS2 games.
Another believable PSP2 mock-up

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